Yoke Collective

Yoke Collective is the artistic and curatorial partnership between Georgina Rowlands and Emily Roderick. Yoke works with collaborative research exploring cyber-politics, examining increasingly intrusive surveillance systems, exploring how these are questioned against cyber-feminist theory, to challenge the positioning of the female body within the algorithms of facial and full body-recognition.

Yoke are also co-founders of The Dazzle Club , a two-year project exploring surveillance in public space, and held regular Dazzle Walks in response to the use of live facial recognition police cameras in London and beyond.

Exhibitions and performances include LUVA Gallery, NOHAT PAF in Bedford and Continuum: A Performance Festival of Future Futures at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

Two performers have screens attached to their chests. They are dressed in black, facing eachother in a dark room.
tracking_devices – a performance by Yoke Collective, shown as a video at Black Hole Club End of Year Show at Vivid Projects, Birmingham
A room full of people surround two performers dressed in suits. There is a line of screens that divide the space on the floor.
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