Yoke Collective

Yoke Collective is the artistic and curatorial partnership between Georgina Rowlands and Emily Roderick. Yoke works with collaborative research exploring cyber-politics, examining increasingly intrusive surveillance systems, exploring how these are questioned against cyber-feminist theory, to challenge the positioning of the female body within the algorithms of facial and full body-recognition. Yoke is also part of The Dazzle Club which explores surveillance in public spaces, and holds a regular Dazzle Walks in response to the use of live facial recognition police cameras in London.

Exhibitions include BSoB at LUVA Gallery, NOHAT PAF in Bedford and Continuum: A Performance Festival of Future Futures at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

tracking_devices – a performance by Yoke Collective, shown as a video at Black Hole Club End of Year Show at Vivid Projects, Birmingham
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