Four people in a park walk away from the camera holding each a swimming noodle. The person infront holds their noodle out as if pointing the way.

A section of a Zoom call is shown, with four participants fully on screen with others obscured by the crop of the image. The camera's on zoom of participants show orange objects and blurs, difficult to make out.

Georgina holds up a phone to her face which shows her reflection. She is painting her face and has a bright blue hair extension hanging in front of her eyes.

Emily Roderick has been facilitating workshops and giving talks since 2017. Spanning performance, live-coding and anti-surveillance tactics, her workshops are playful and engaging. Having experience working online and in-person, Emily has delivered workshops with adults and children with various levels of access and experience with the arts. Always open to create more workshops, Emily uses workshop formats to explore new bodies of work, whilst creating insightful and energtic experiences that invite collaboration and discussion.

A person is sat at a table infront of a laptop. The screen has bright blocky colours.
Emily and Georgina face eachother. They are wearing various materials attached to their clothes. Emily has her arm raised whilst she attached foam to her side.
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