A yellow digital image with the words 'Matters of Interest' in black text repeated over the screen. Some are scribbled out.
Two performers are wearing phones attached to their head. They are both looking into the camera wearing yellow and orange.
Thin brown strands of hair are close up to the camera in incredible detail.
A still from a surveillance camera in Stratford Westfield.
A garage is filled with blue light. Screens suspended on a metal track are hung in the open doorway to the garage. Each of the four screens are blue.
Evie stands infront of a black background. Her face is painted with bold geometric shapes.
Emily and Emily stand in a spotlight next to a wooden plinth. On it are two pairs of reflective heeled boots.
Emily stands infront of a white wall with her arms lowered but out to the side slightly. She wears a screen hung from her neck that covers her chest. She wears pink clothes with black tape and cables that cover her linbs. In both hands are small camera devices.