The Dazzle Club, 2019 – 2021

The Dazzle Club – A collaboration by four London-based artists (2019-2021) making embodied research into public space surveillance – drawing awareness of technologies and building new expressions of community and trust. Walks, films, texts and workshops pay attention to publicness and being seen. The Dazzle Club founding members are Evie Price, Emily Roderick, Georgina Rowlands, Anna Hart. We continue to write and speak about The Dazzle Club as part of our on-going art practices.

The collaboration began in August 2019 in response to the forced admission that facial recognition technology was being used by Argent on the King’s Cross Estate in London, a place in which we have all made art for many years. As citizens of a heavily surveilled city, second only to Beijing in density of cameras per resident, we make interventions in public space to explore concerns around technology, data and human rights, and to build new expressions of collective creativity and trust. For two years, Dazzle Club hosted monthly artist-led silent walks through London with participants wearing CV Dazzle, a technique originally developed by researcher Adam Harvey. Our embodied research has been featured widely in national and international media including Vogue, Reuters, BBC, I-D, and The Observer. Recent and upcoming exhibitions and events include Screen Walks with Photographers’ Gallery and Fotomuseum Winterthur, MASCARAS at Galeria Municipal do Porto and Rights of Way at Onomatopee, Eindhoven.

The Dazzle Club instagram contains our full archive.

  • A group of white young people sit on the floor in a circle. Some hold mirrors to their faces, as well as paint brushes. They have brightly coloured painted shapes on their faces. One mirror is close to the camera and you can see a reflection of a face in it.
  • Emily, Evie and Anna sit in front of a black background facing the camera with straight faces. Each of them have bright blocky shapes painted on their faces in black, white, blue and red.
  • Evie stands infront of a black background. Her face is painted with bold geometric shapes.

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