exxxtteeenssioon performs the collaboration and connection, between bodies, sites, entities and energy. Wrestling with entanglements and abundance, the work references the chaos of togetherness and our inextricable dependence on technology systems.

The collaborative practice of Emily Warner and Emily Roderick creates playful and performative outputs that distract, connect and entangle both performer and audience.

This is a two-hour performance by Emily Roderick and Emily Warner, commissioned by Vivid Projects, Birmingham and premiered in August 2019, with support from Arts Council England.

It was then selected to be reworked and performed in Art Licks 2019 at South London Gallery

Photography by Marcin Sz.

  • Emily and Emily stand back to back, wearing all orange in an open gallery space. They both have one leg stretched out to the side, wearing reflective heeled boots.
  • Emily and Emily are leaning close to the ground. Emily W is belly down on a dentist saddle chair, Emily R stands with her hand holding a USB microscope touching the floor. Dressed in orange, they both look at a small computer screen connected to the camera.
  • Emily and Emily, dressed in orange sit and lie down on an orange mat and deflating exercise ball. Emily W holds a mic to the ball.
  • Emily R lies on the ground fully dressed in orange. She holds a small square mirror up and her reflection of her eyes looks directly at the camera.
  • Emily W, dressed in full orange stands with arms raised holding two mobile phones up. They look at one screen whilst the other faces the camera. On it has big white letters reading 'HA' on an orange background.
  • Emily and Emily, dressed in orange are both distracted by phone screens whilst Emily R is being pulled around by Emily W on a dentist saddle chair.
  • Emily W, dressed in orange sits up against a wall in a gallery watching a full orange projection. It glows into the space.
  • A projection on a wall of a skype call. Emily R and Emily W are stood infront of two different orange shutter doors. Each have their right leg raised up against the wall. They both wear orange.
  • Emily and Emily stand in a spotlight next to a wooden plinth. On it are two pairs of reflective heeled boots.
  • Lit by a spotlight, a pair of legs are central to the image wearing the reflective heeled boots. One leg has a strip of orange seatbelt hooked under the heel.
  • Emily R faces away from the camera, dressed in orange in front of a large orange shutter door. She looks at a phone screen on a call.
  • Emily lies on the floor, dressed in orange, on an orange exercise ball, on an orange foam mat. She looks up from the grey floor, with hands together on her stomach. Behind her are two selfie sticks suspended in the air, with two phones connected.
  • Emily and Emily, dressed in orange are low to the ground, one on a stool and the other crouched down. A laptop folded on a wheelie stand is central to the image.
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