exxxtteeenssioon performs the collaboration and connection, between bodies, sites, entities and energy. Wrestling with entanglements and abundance, the work references the chaos of togetherness and our inextricable dependence on technology systems.

A two-hour performance by Emily Roderick and Emily Warner, commissioned by Vivid Projects, Birmingham and premiering August 2019, it was then selected to be reworked and performed in Art Licks 2019 at South London Gallery. Photography by Marcin Sz.

The collaborative practice of Emily Warner and Emily Roderick creates playful and performative outputs that distract, connect and entangle both performer and audience.

Emily W sits leaning against a wall with their legs straight out infront of them. They look to an orange projection that fills with room with an orange glow.
Emily R is sat on a saddle stool, with one leg extended out infront of her. Her arm is raised holding a phone, she looks into the screen. Emily W stands behind Emily, holding a phone in front of them, watching through the phone. They both wear orange.
Emily W lays on a saddle stool, with their feet raised behind them and hands touching the floor infront of them. They wear orange clothes and red gloves. Emily R stands to the left of them, holding a screen and microscope that touches the floor.
Emily R lays on the floor, with both arms raised holding a square mirror. Her eyes are reflected looking straight at the camera.
Emily and Emily stand in a spotlight next to a wooden plinth. On it are two pairs of reflective heeled boots.
Two feet wearing orange socks stand in a single spotlight.
Projected on a wall are two screens in portrait format. Emily R on the left stands with her foot lifted on the wall infront of an orange metal lift door. Emily W stands on the right infront of another orange lift door with their foot raised against the wall.
Emily W stands central to the image, holding up two mobile phones in the air. One faces the camera and reads 'HA'.
Emily R lays on an orange mat with her head resting on a deflated orange exercise ball. Emily W sits upright next to her, holding a microphone to the ball.
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